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Blue Cut to Clear Caesar Crystal Perfume Bottle-Needs Atomizer# 6031

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This is a very pretty dark blue cut to clear perfume bottle or glass bottle.  What it is lacking are perfume capabilities.


The bottle is wider at the base than at the top.  The top has been cut in sharp curved cuts and then the side has been cut away exposing clear glass underneath.


What is wrong is the top.   This top looks like it would accommodate an atomizer or spray end, but there is nothing to screw them to.  It’s just an open hole.  Yet, this top does not want to come off.  The tube that would come out of that hole with an end for screwing on a female end atomizer is missing.


The bottle has a Caesar Crystal Bohemia Sticker from Czech Republic.  It states the bottle is hand cut lead crystal.


The bottle measures about 4.25 inches tall and is 3.00 inches across the cut to clear base.


While the cap does not come off, the center post does unscrew.  It has no damage.


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