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Blue Cut to Clear Footed Vase # 22687

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This is a very nicely done blue cut to clear vase or bowl on a clear foot.  But I have one issue with it.   There are four sides to the foot and four sides to the bowl-but they do not line up.   If the bowl is facing with one whirling star forward, the base is at an angle.  It’s not tragic, but it annoys me enough to point it out.


The bowl measures 6.00 inches tall and deep and is 4.50 inches wide with a 3.00 inch opening.   The entire piece is 9.25 inches tall.


The blue glass is dark and thick and has sharp symmetrical cuts. There are no odd or missed cuts.  The base is strong and it stands straight.


There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.  


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Item: 222687


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