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Blue Cut to Clear Glass Bottle # 22095

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This is a blue cut to clear bottle that comes with, but is no longer in, a pouring spout of some kind.  The spout was easily removed with a butter knife, and I am shipping it with that piece out.  A buyer can reinsert it if they choose.


The bottle measures 2 5/8 inches across and is 4.75 inches tall.


The pouring spout is cork, I believe, and it has a black substance on it that may be dried glue.  There is some residue on the inside of the bottle from this stopper/substance and I am currently trying to clean it and most of whatever was stuck to the sides is removed.


While the spout design looks simple enough, I cannot see through it so I am not sure it is clean or clogged.  I did pour water into it, and the water dripped out, but was very dirty.  I also do not know what was originally in the bottle, but I have cleaned it a couple times.


The bottle has no chips, cracks, color loss, or other damage.  The cuts are clean and sharp, but the bottom cuts are a bit wonky.


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Item: 22095


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