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Blue Wedgwood Embossed Queens Ware 10.75 Inch Vase in Grapes # 22807

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This is a blue and white Wedgwood Vase with a grape leaf and grapes pattern at the top.  The vase is ridged an set on a matching base.  It is marked as shown. 

The vase is 10.75 inches tall and about 8.50 inches deep.  It is 6.00 inches across at the rim.  The base is just over 4.25 inches.

I do not have a pattern name as Replacements doesn’t give this pattern a name.  Also, although the color they show is white on blue, they call it lavendar.  So someone was having an off day.

There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.   See more at Debsellstoyou.

Item: 22807

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