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Clear Art Glass Perfume Bottle with Beautiful Blue Inside and Odd Bubbles # 3499

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This is a clear art glass perfume bottle that has a blue center with a bubble under it and a stopper with blue at the top and an unusually shaped bubble.  


It looks like it should be signed but I cannot find a signature.


The bottle has a shape somewhere between round and oval.


The bottle measures 3.00 inches  tall and it is 2.00 inches wide.  Height is 5.25 inches including the stopper.


The stopper has a large bulb on the top with a big bubble that has an unusual shape.  There is blue on top of the stopper that may be on top of the bubble. 


The stopper is free in the space has an angled dauber and it has no actual sealing spot.  It just hangs there from the weight and sometimes tips to one side.


The bottle has no damage and weighs just over one pound before packing.


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