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Clear Glass Wine Decanter with Silver Lid from Italy # 22731

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This is a glass wine decanter done in a diamond cut with a flat cut band under the lid.  The top is silver metal, but is not marked, other than to say it was made in Italy.  It has an attached silver handle and a lid.  BUT, it does not want to come off.  I don’t know if someone screwed it on too tightly or glued it or what, but I cannot remove it without possibly breaking the decanter. Luckily, it still works.

The decanter measures (I’m guessing) about 9.50 inches tall and is 11 7/8 inches to the top of the finial.  The base is 4.75 inches across while the top is 2 3/8 inches across.

The only marking I’ve found on the silver is the Made in Italy one.  There is a tiny dent on the lid when the handle is on the right.  It can be seen dead center in picture 2.

There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.  

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Item: 22731

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