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Clear Round Crystal Decanter # 21843

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This is a very tall, very clean and clear, crystal decanter.  It is round and narrows from the base up and it comes with a large, oval, stopper that fits very well and may be original.  It does not appear to be marked.


The decanter measures 11.00 inches tall and is 16.50 inches to the top of the stopper.  The base is 4.25 inches across while the narrowest part of the neck is 1.50 inches across.  The stopper is 6 7/8 inches long and the entire bottle weighs three pounds, ten ounces.


The decanter is beautifully clean with limited scuffing on the base.  It may have never been used.  While the stopper design does not match, it fits well and looks very nice.  But it may not be original.  At the time I bought this I purchased ten decanters and sixteen stoppers, so I’m not sure who goes with who, but this was the only stopper that fit this bottle.


It has no chips, cracks, or other damage and no markings that I have found.


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Item: 21843


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