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Cristal De André Cut Crystal Decanter # 22608

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This is a cut crystal decanter with a gold Cristal De André sticker.  It says it was made in France and is Genuine Lead Crystal.  Weight is two pounds, thirteen ounces.  It comes with a stopper that does not really fit (it’s a bit too small), but it’s a nice stopper.  The bottle has a cut design of suns.


The decanter measures 11.50 inches tall and is 14.00 inches to the top of the included stopper.  It is 3.50 inches at the widest.


If the bottle did not have that sticker, I would guess it’s glass.  It is not as sharply or cleanly cut as crystal should be and I am not at all familiar with this brand.  I just thought I’d throw that out there.


There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.  There is minimal scuffing or scratching on the bottom.  But it is not clean and clear like crystal should be.  It’s much more likely glass.


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Item: 22608


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