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Cut and Etched Crystal Decanter with Wrong Stopper # 21840

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This is a round decanter with cut to clear half circles on the base, a cut design intersected by a frosted design of a bunch of grapes and a leaf.  It has a nice, but far too big, stopper that clearly does not fit.   And I am struggling to get the inside clean.  I will know how clean it is once the inside dries, but right now, it’s not clean enough.  I have been cleaning it with glass cleaner, so I would advise cleaning it again before use.


The decanter measures 10.50 inches tall and is 13.25 inches to the top of the very pretty, but really doesn’t fit, stopper.   It is 5.25 inches across the base.  Weight for the decanter alone is three pounds, one ounce.   Combined weight is three pounds, eleven ounces.


I don’t see any markings, but the bottom is scratched and scuffed up.  The decanter has no chips, cracks, or other damage and I will wait to see how clean it gets once it is dry.


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Item: 21840


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