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Cut Clear Glass Perfume Bottle # 20054

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This is a cut glass Perfume bottle that has two Sun Designs on each side with a small cone shaped stopper that really doesn’t fit and is loose in the space.  The tag on the stopper is gone.


The bottle measures 4.50 inches across, 1.75 inches at the deepest and 3.00 inches tall.  Including the stopper, it is 4.50 inches tall.


The design has two large cut suns, and the edges are cut to match the sun rays.  The center between them is slightly bent, so the bottle is wider in the middle than on the ends.


The bottle has no markings, but the two bottom panels are badly scuffed, and the bottle has started to yellow.


The stopper is likely not original as it does not fit and is loose in the space.


The bottle has no chips, cracks, crazing or other damage other than stated.  The inside was recently cleaned.


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