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Cut Crystal Decanter with Mismatched Stopper # 21299

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This is a square cut crystal decanter with a kind of wing shaped cut from the bottom up.  The bottom is completely clear, and I do not see any markings on it.  The corners are cut off and it weighs three pounds, ten ounces before shipping.


The decanter measures 3.75 inches across each side and it is 8.25 inches tall.  With the included stopper, it is 9 7/8 inches tall.


The stopper that came with it does not really fit and does not match, but it’s an interesting design.  It has a lip and gasket that stops it from fitting properly in most bottles.  It is a cut diamond pattern that looks like it was made to smash cookie dough.


The bottle and stopper are clean and clear with no damage.


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Item: 21299


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