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Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle with Large Stopper # 22113

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This is a cut crystal perfume bottle with a large matching stopper.  The bottle has a brown stain (pic. 2) on the top edge that I am still trying to get off. The bottle was filthy when I got it, but I am down to this one stain.  The inside is clean, but it stinks.


The bottle measures 3.50 inches wide and is 3.25 inches tall.  It is 5.75 inches tall including the stopper.


The stopper is an inverted match to the shape of the bottle, and it fits very well.  The perfume well is small and the dauber takes up rather a lot of it.


I don’t know if the stain will come out or not.  I have been cleaning it and so far, this is the best it has gotten.   I will add a new picture if I can get the stain off.


The bottle has no chips, cracks, or other damage other than the fact that it stinks.  It has no markings.


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Item: 22113


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