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Cut Glass Perfume Bottle with Matching Stopper # 20979

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This is a rectangular cut glass perfume bottle with a diamond cut design on each of the four sides.  The stopper is square and cut in the same design.  Sadly, the bottle has a large chip in the rim as shown.  The chip is on the outside and does not affect the stopper.


The bottle measures 3.50 inches by 2.00 inches on each side and is 4.50 inches tall to the top rim.  It is 5 3/8 inches tall to the top of the stopper.


While the outer bottle is square shaped, the inside is round, and this can be seen at both the top and bottom.


The bottom of the bottle has a remnant of a silver sticker that says (I think) RHYTHME or RHYTAME.


The bottle has no other chips, cracks, or other damage, but it has a very faint scent of something-I’m not sure if it’s food or perfume.  Clearly, it also has other uses.


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Item: 20979


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