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Cut Glass Perfume Bottle with Tall Flower Shaped Stopper # 21143

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This is a small, square, cut glass perfume bottle and what I think is a mismatched, but very nice, tall flower shaped stopper.  The stopper fits well, it just does not match the bottle design.  The stopper has a flat back.


The bottle measures 2.50 inches by 2.50 inches wide and is 2 3/8 inches tall. The stopper is 5.25 inches tall and combined height is 6 7/8 inches tall.

The bottle is square cut at an angle with a small angle on the bottom and a larger one on the top.  The panels are trapezoid shapes and the corners cut appear to be cut in.  The basic design is of a cut ray starting at the bottom center. All four sides are the same.


The stopper is a flower shape set on top of two leaves.


The bottle has no chips, cracks, or other damage and no perfume scent.


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Item: 21143


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