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Cut Glass Ships Decanter with Matching Stopper # 21151

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This is a cut glass or crystal ships decanter with a stopper that is exactly the same except It is inverted.  Even the cut on the bottom of the decanter matches the cut on the top of the stopper.  But, there is a bit of play in the way it fits which is confusing and somewhat annoying. 


The decanter measures 7 3/8 inches tall or 9 5/8 inches to the top of the stopper and it is 7.25 inches across the base.


The decanter and stopper have a cut diamond pattern with a flat cut neck and a cut flower or multi point star on the top of the stopper and bottom of the decanter.  I have not found any markings.


The decanter is used with no chips, cracks, scuffing from the stopper, or other damage.  There are a few minor scratches on the base.


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Item: 21151


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