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Emerald Green Cut to Clear Vase # 22601

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This is a lovely emerald green, cut to clear vase.  This vase is nicer quality with thick green glass cut in a cross pattern on the bottom and a vaguely floral design on the top.  The top is cut in close ridges while the base is only cut on the bottom.  It has no markings and no missaed cuts, doubled cuts, or weird cuts.


The vase measures 10.25 inches tall and is about 9.25 inches deep.  The rounded base section is about 3.00 inches wide while the top narrows to 1.75 inches wide at one point with a rim of 3.50 inches.


The color is solid, the cuts are sharp and symmetrical and the vase has no damage of any kind.


Item: 22601


Location # B/4