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Floral Porcelain Basket by RC & CL Portugal # 21869

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This is a white porcelain basket that is marked RC & CL Portugal and hand painted.  It is trimmed in a purple color with a multi color floral design in the center and a repeating pattern of what looks to be corn and berries.  It is reticulated (has cut outs) and a twisted together handle.


The basket measures 10 1/8 inches long by 8.50 inches wide.  The rim is 2.50 inches tall, and the handle is about 6.50 inches tall.


The basket has some-not defects-but quirks.  The inside rim is maybe stained or has dye issues, there is a sharp spot at the top of the handle that isn’t damaged, just a sharp spot and the trim painting is a bit sloppy in spots.  But then, it is hand painted.


The overall design is good, and it has no damage of any kind.  I am not familiar with the mark, but it is hand numbered.


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Item: 21869


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