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Heavy Cut Crystal Decanter with Matching Stopper # 22719

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This is a heavy cut crystal decanter with a diamond cut base that matches the stopper.  Unfortunately, the stopper has a glass rim that stops how far it inserts. It also has a rubber gasket on this rim.  So while it may seal, it doesn’t close tightly.  I cannot find any markings on the decanter, although I will continue looking.  Weight before packing is three pounds, twelve ounces.

The decanter measures 8.50 inches tall and is 10.00 inches to the top of the stopper.  Each side is 3.75 inches wide.

Because of the way the stopper is designed, there  is no  scuffing in the neck as the stopper doesn’t fit that area tightly.

The decanter is clean and shiny with no missed cuts and no defects.  There are some scratches and scuffs on the bottom.

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Item: 22719

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