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Imperial Glass Company Heavy Molded Glass Water Pitcher Raised IG Mark #20227

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This is a very large, very heavy (5.60 lbs) Imperial Glass Company Molded Glass Water Pitcher.  It is from 1951.  It has a flower on each side along with X arch, diamond shaped cuts, a see saw rim and cut handle.


But then, it is not cut, it’s molded.  No Sharp Edges.


The pitcher measures 9 1/8 inches tall at the highest.  It is 5 5/8 inches across and 8.75 inches from handle to spout.


There is a seam in the back in between the handle.


The main design is the flower inside the arch of X’s.


Inside the pitcher is a raised G with an I through it for Imperial Glass.


As I said, it weighs five pounds, six ounces prior to mailing, so this one is heavy, and the walls are thick.


There are no chips, cracks, crazing or other damage.  It is clean and clear and looks new.


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