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Large Blue Cut to Clear Vase # 22598

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This is a larger blue cut to clear vase.  While the color is solid, the blue is not quite as thick as some cut glass vases and this is noticeable if you are familiar with cut glass, but it does not detract.  The vase has a couple small, odd cuts which I will point out.  The main design is a cut to clear oval with sweeping cuts and a panel that is cut into stars with blue centers. There are three of these panels.  The blue centers on the stars are good, but not perfect.  The top right panel-that same section- has some tiny extra or extended cuts at the top right.  Only two of the three have these cuts and I will try to add a close up of them.  The rest of the glass cutting is clean, symmetrical, and perfect.


The vase measures 10 1/8 inches high and is about 9.50 inches deep.  The rim is 4.00 inches across, and it is about 5.50 inches across at the widest point.


The base is clear as shown and it has no markings.


There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.  


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Item: 22598


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