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Signed Neodymium Alexandrite Cased Studio Art Glass Perfume Bottle # 4103

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This is a signed clear glass perfume bottle that changes from aqua to purple based on whether it is in Natural Light or Artificial light.  Or so I was told.


The bottle is a block of clear glass.  You can see the aqua or purple perfume bottle inside of it.


The bottle measures 2.75 inches across the widest part of the bottle and is it just over 4 3/8 inches tall.  Including the stopper, it is 5 7/8 inches.


The bottle was shipped to me with the stopper in it which caused the stopper to jam inside the bottle and break.  The broken stopper has been removed and only the remaining stopper is left.  I will add a picture of the stopper as it is now.   It still fits, but it falls out easier than normal.  There is no damage from the broken stopper or its removal.


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