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Square Cut Crystal Decanter with No Stopper # 22607

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This is a square, cut crystal decanter that I would swear was signed on the base.  But I cannot find a signature now and I’m not sure if I’m stupid or blind, but I give up.  The decanter came with a faceted cut stopper that didn’t even come close to fitting, but I will include it anyway.


The decanter measures 3 7/8 inches across each side and is 8.00 inches tall.  I am not including the measurement with the stopper as the stopper is a bit too small, wobbly, and does not match.  But, other than that, it’s a stopper.


The decanter is beautifully cut and clear and weighs two pounds, twelve ounces without the stopper.  (3.8 lbs with the stopper)


There are no chips, cracks, or other damage.  


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Item: # 22607


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