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Stuart Cut Crystal Decanter in Versailles # 21174

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This is a like new, beautifully clean and clear decanter by Stuart Crystal in the Versailles pattern.  What makes that odd is this pattern is from 1962.  The decanter has a matching pointed stopper that fits decently, but still has some wiggle room.


The decanter measures 4 5/8 inches across and is 7 5/8 inches tall.  Including the stopper, it is 11 3/8 inches tall.


There is a tiny piece of orange tape on the bottom and the decanter is marked Stuart England next to that.


The Versailles pattern has a lovely long skinny vertical cut with a shorter, wider cut and then the pattern repeats.  The stopper has a repeating pattern of long cuts with a pointed top and may not be original to this decanter.  I cannot find a picture of what the stopper is supposed to look like to compare it to.


The decanter is lovely and clean with some minor scuffing from the stopper.


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Item: 21174


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