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Tall Glass Wine Pourer with Silver Metal Top # 6316

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This is a very tall cut crystal wine pitcher.  The crystal is cut in a basic diamond pattern and the lid is silver metal.


The crystal bottle weighs three pounds seven ounces while the whole server weighs four pounds, twelve ounces.  Ship weight will be over five pounds.


The wine pourer does not have an ice bottle inside of it, but it is set up for one.


Measurements are:


Glass Bottle Height is 10.25 inches

Combined height is 13.50 inches

Across the bottom is almost 6.00 inches

Across the top of the crystal is 3.00 inches


The lid is tarnished and has no purity markings.  It is simple to put on and take off and it has a gasket.  The fittings for an ice tube are there but it does not have one.


This set has no damage and no markings.


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