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Tan over Red Glass Cut to Clear Bottle # 21250

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This is a tan over red cut to clear glass bottle with a stopper that is only red but matches the design and it fits well.


The bottle is 12 1/8 inches tall and is 15.25 inches with the included stopper.  The base is 3.25 inches wide while the neck is only 1.00 inch wide-maybe.  So, we are talking really tall and skinny.


The red glass is cut to clear in flowers and leaves with three rows of small circles (that match the stopper) and a series of long oval cuts on the neck. 


The cuts are clean and sharp with no damage or defects other than the stopper color and a small spot on the rim that looks like the red color is missing.  It’s not very noticeable, and I did not get a picture of it but I will add a picture of it.  The bottom of the bottle is tan glass and there is some tape residue I need to clean up.  There is no other damage.


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Item: 21250


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