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Thick Crystal Perfume Bottle # 21150

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This is a very thick crystal perfume bottle with a, I think, nicely matching stopper that doesn’t fit well.  While the two look good together, there is too much extra play in the neck and the stopper tend to shift from side to side.  It doesn’t make for a great seal, although it looks good.


The bottle measures 3.25 inches across by 2 5/8 inches.  It is just short of 3.50 inches tall and is 6.25 inches with the included stopper.


The base is .75 of an inch thick and the walls are thick.


It has no markings and a couple scratches on the base, plus the neck is scuffed.   It is beautifully clean and clear with no chips, cracks, or other damage.


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Item: 21150


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