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Thun PRC White Floral Textured Biscuit Jar with Lid # 20226

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This is a white floral biscuit jar with a Thun PRC Mark.  The jar is porcelain with a floral texture, floral design, green trim and a matching lid.


The biscuit jar measures about 5.50 inches to the top handle and is 4 3/8 inches to the top of the green trim.  It is 6.00 inches at the widest point.


The jar is shiny white, and the entire piece has a raised design under the paint of flowers and vines.


In addition, it has a ring of multi color flowers around it, plus pink roses on the front and back-plus the lid.


The handle for the lid is odd, but functional.


The trim at the top of the jar is greenish color and not in the best condition.  There are no chips, cracks, crazing or damage.


The mark is shown.


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