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Yellow Cut Crystal Perfume Atomizer # 6566

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This is a cut crystal perfume bottle in a pretty yellow color with thick walls and base.  I have added a pale gold atomizer to it, although I think black would look better.  The bottle is clean and undamaged, and the spray is strong.  Sorry, I don’t know where the orange color is coming from in the pictures.


The bottle measures 3.75 inches wide by about 2.00 inches deep.  It is 4.50 inches to the top of the atomizer fitting.


The bottle is cut so the middle is wider than the outside and the sides are cut perfectly for fingers.


One issue it does have is there is no pick up tube.  It came without one, and I don’t have any more of them. 


The bottle is clean inside and out and chip and damage free.  The cap is tight, but the center post removes easily for cleaning and refilling.


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